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IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. respects the privacy of collaboration partners and end-consumers of its products/services (collectively referred to as "Users"), particularly with regard to the collection, storage, access, and use of personally identifiable data collected online on IBC BRIDGE CANADA’s web sites, particularly on ibcbridge.ca web site (collectively referred to as “Site”). To learn more about the privacy policy for ibcbridge.ca, please, review the sections below for information pertaining to the following specific issues:


1. Scope and Information Flows

The Site represents an open business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-environment which functions based on information flows between IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. and Site’s Users. As such, Users are advised that their use of the Site will be tracked and evaluated to assure that there is no misuse of the Site, and to attempt to provide them, where appropriate, with guidance on the most appropriate business opportunities.

Users book, deliver and monitor services on the Site either directly or on co-branded websites (co-branded by IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. and the owner of a referring website from which the user is linking) representing specific user groups. The Site hosts multiple groups that wish to use advantages of an open business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-environment.

Maximizing the number of users creates a more varied and valuable experience for potential end-consumers of business bridging services and creates a larger audience for collaboration partners. It also provides a highly effective environment for users to collaborate in activities such as joint business collaboration and services development, deployment, management, maintenance and customization. Information on the Site use and transactions will be maintained by IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. and may be made available to cooperation partners.

This policy sets forth the privacy policy for this Site. Please refer to the policy of the referring website, where applicable, to review their information practices. Users should be aware that collaborating with partners requires the transfer of information between IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. and cooperation partners, and possibly also service providers such as payment and delivery agents, in order to complete the service delivery activity.


2. Types of Data Collection

The Site collects data from Users in four main ways:

  • Registration screens and online forms
  • In the process of online purchases (transaction records), sales inquiries, event registrations and other collaborative activities
  • In e-mails sent to IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. from the Site users
  • Through automated means such as communications protocols and cookies

The Site receives data from you as part of the standard communication connection itself - the standard electronic greeting between your computer, the network and our server(s). This information often consists of network routing (where you came from), equipment information (browser type), date and time. At this time, our server will also query your computer to see if there are any "cookies" which we have set previously to facilitate the login or other site navigation procedures. In the future, certain login information provided to the referring websites may also be provided to the Site in order to streamline use of the Site and avoid duplicate entry of login information.

 The Site uses cookies to collect information about users’ identities and, possibly, language preferences. The information collected from cookies is currently used to improve the functionality of the Site by avoiding duplicate data entry, facilitating navigation, increasing the relevance of content and enhancing security. Cookies on the Site may collect the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences and profile information to personalize content, and membership (permissions) information to access specific services on the Site. Some of the cookies are session cookies while others last indefinitely. Either way, the cookies are only returned to Site’s servers.

Cookies provide a convenience for Users by creating a more streamlined login process, keeping track of transactions, and preserving order information between sessions. You can set your browser to alert you when a cookie is being used, the duration of the cookie, and to inform you of where your information is being returned. You then have the opportunity to accept or reject the cookie. Additionally, you may set your browser to refuse all cookies or accept only cookies returned to the originating servers. Users may generally disable the cookie feature on their browser without affecting their ability to access the Site, except in some cases where cookies are used as an essential security feature to transaction completion. However, disabling cookies will limit your use of many convenience features offered by the Site.

To learn more about cookies and browser functionality relating to cookies please search for "cookies" in the help function of your browser.


3. How We Use Information

The Site is an open, global, business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-environment that may require users to provide both company and individual user information during the registration process. Additional site use information may be gathered as users navigate the Site and perform transactions. This information is gathered for the following main purposes:

  • To establish identity of the company and user. Business contact information such as name, address and e-mail is collected at the company and user level during the registration process.
  • To effect posting of business proposals, other forms or related communications. Transactional information such as transaction type, transaction amount, payment, shipping and billing information of the users associated with transactions is collected and stored. As part of our efforts to provide users with the ability to establish business relationships with each other, some aspects of this information may also be used for evaluative purposes.
  • To provide future service and support. Contact information as well as customer and support services requested by users is collected. This information is used to provide users with product, updates and patches, consulting and administration services as well as notices of changes in usage and other policies.
  • To better tailor marketing to user needs. Information on the Site use is analyzed to help us create website content and functionality that is relevant, useful and user friendly in order to enhance the overall user experience.
  • To enable our business partners to more effectively serve our users. The Site may have selected business partners that market co-branded versions of this e-environment. If you access the Site through the website of one of these business partners, we may share your registration data and transactional information with that partner. Such information will be shared with that business partner for the same limited reasons outlined above. Since users using these co-branded websites are already customers of the owner of the referring website, we suggest that users refer to the referring website’s privacy policy to determine how they will use the information.


4. Account Access

At any time, a user can edit his or her own personal information and view his or her own transactional activity under the "My Account" tab. IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. has the administrative right of access to all user accounts registered on the Site. An administrator’s right of access includes, but is not limited to, the ability to update company information, approve new user accounts and permissions, and view or update users’ transactions.


5. Voluntary Registration

Registration on the Site is voluntary. Registration requires Users to provide the information specified on the registration screens for the reasons specified above and as provided in the Terms and Conditions. This information is essential to properly complete transactions and continually improve the e-environment. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, and by buying and collaborating on the Site, users consent to receive marketing information from IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc.. At a future point, IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. will have functionality that will allow a user to opt out of receiving marketing information from IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. by checking off the appropriate box(es) as part of the registration process or by editing the user’s personal information. Until such an automated, self service functionality is deployed, please send a message to this email link unsubscribe@ibcbridge.com and indicate your desire not to receive marketing information from IBC BRIDGE CANADA. If users have entered the Site from a referring website or are engaging in transactions with other cooperation partners on the Site, they should make sure to refer to the privacy policies on the relevant websites.


6. Marketing

IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. reserves the right, unless otherwise stated, to use personal information provided in the registration process for marketing purposes including, but not restricted to, programs that generate awareness and educate and update users on new features, functionality, and news. The format and frequency of these marketing messages will not be restricted unless specifically requested by the applicable user.

IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. is sensitive to the needs of its users. We are currently developing technology solutions, methodologies and marketing policies to allow users to determine their preferences and control their interactions with IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc.. The initial steps have already been deployed, allowing users to develop and maintain an initial profile. Over time, we expect to allow users to configure their relationships and interactions with us by controlling and maintaining detailed preferences.

IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. permits a limited amount of sponsorships and advertisements on its websites. No personally identifiable information is passed back to the advertisers as part of this process, but aggregate profile information, such as user community, if provided, may be used in the selection of advertising to make sure that it has relevance to the user.

Please note that there are links on ibcbridge.com to external websites. These external websites and their privacy practices are beyond the control of IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. and you should therefore review their privacy policies before providing any personal information.


7. Security

IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. is concerned with the security of user data it has collected, and has put in place measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information. Payment information is protected during transmission from the user by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection and, once stored, is protected through various security measures. These measures include both policies relating to access to information and technological elements such as firewalls.


8. Updates to the Privacy Policy

IBC BRIDGE CANADA Inc. is sensitive to the privacy issues of its users, and recognizes the need to update this policy as new features and business services are offered.

If you have any questions about the our Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacy@ibcbridge.com

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